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"Alas, the worldly success comes at a very high cost in terms of a stressed mind, 
diseased body, bored & bitter relationships, and a lost soul."

Come rejuvenate and regenerate your mind, body, heart and soul !


2013 Spiritual Retreats

We only take small groups of 15-17 people so that personal attention can be given to all participants. Worldwide experience of great teachers is that nobody learns or grows much in large group gatherings. That is why at Devachan we only work with small groups.

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The Conscious Warrior Bootcamp

  • Open to students who have completed Level II ~ Karma Dharma Moksha of "The Pathway To Self Mastery" program
  • It's a spiritual retreat to deepen your spiritual practice and to awaken your consciousness.
  • As some of the past participants put it, each retreat that they have participated with Dr Amit Jain, has furthered their spiritual growth to a level which they could have gained with 2 years of individual practice at home.

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Pathway Guide Bootcamp

  • Open to students who have completed Level V ~ The Cosmic Truths of "The Pathway To Self Mastery" program
  • Being a "Pathway Guide" entitles you to be part of an elite group which is always under the direct guidance of the CFEL directors, Dr Amit Jain and, his wife and co-director Acharya Monika Jain. 
  • Most of our life is spent as a Moon always feeding ourselves from other’s light. Opting to become the Pathway Guide, one chooses sometimes for the first time in one’s life to become a SUN – to share this light with others. 

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The Devachan Knight

Pathway Guides Night Out

  • Open to "Pathway Guides" of Devachan
  • More advanced teachings and practices which are not shared publicly, are shared with "Pathway Guides"

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~ Be Healed ~

  • Learn the whole art and science of psychic energy healing on which all healing systems in this world are based on. Be healed.
  • Learn to root out the root causes of what ails you to cure yourself wholly.
  • Know the imbalances which leads to a shortened and dis-eased life. And the way which leads to a healthy long life.

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Da Dream Couch

designing the life of your dreams

  • How to unleash THE SECRET POWER OF YOUR MIND to manifest the life of your dreams
  • Learn the art and science of creating powerful Genies (Jinn) who will fulfill whatever you wish. Yes, this is possible, although how to do this is known only to a few on this planet. Of course, it’s hard to believe but true. This science exists and now you can uncover the Aladdin within.

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The Weather Report

Ramgarh offers a pleasant weather all round the year. Summers are pleasant while winters are cold. Autumns and springs are just perfect.

Every season offers a different landscape and terrain. The mountains just never look the same.

Month Weather Details
JAN Very Cold
Cold with Snowfall
In January one can enjoy the cold weather with occasional snowfall. Temperature lies in the range of 1C to 13C. Days are sunny.
FEB Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
February offers a cool climate. Temperature lies in the range of 4C to 17C.
March offers a pleasant weather. Temperature lies in the range of 10C to 22C. 
April is pleasant and sunny. Temperature lies in the range of 14C to 25C. 
May is warm and comfortable. Temperature lies in the range of 14C to 27C. The monastery orchard is laden with fruits.
June offers a warm and sunny weather. Nights are pleasant. Temperature lies in the range of 14C to 27C. The fruit is ripe and ready to be plucked and eaten from the tree.
JUL title
July offers rain showers that make the weather pleasant. Temperature lies in the range of 12C to 25C. One can still taste the fruits in the orchard.
AUG title
August is the month to enjoy the monsoon in its full glory. The nature dresses in lush green new leaves. Temperature lies in the range of 12C to 25C.
September is pleasant and sunny. Temperature lies in the range of 12C to 25C. Wow, the lush green mountains after the monsoon are a treat to watch.
October offers a pleasant weather. Temperature lies in the range of 8C to 22C. Good for enjoying the picturesque nature.
NOV Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
November is cool and pleasant. Temperature lies in the range of 6C to 20C.
DEC Very Cold
Cold with Snowfall
December is cold with occasional snowfall. Temperature lies in the range of 1C to 15C. The month of bonfires and room heaters.



6 Jan/sun


14 Jan/mon   

Makar Shankranti (Uttarayan) – Lord Satya Narayan Puja

25 Jan/fri


Prophet Mohammad’s Birthday

27 Jan/sun  

Paush Purnima

Full Moon Meditation

4 Feb/mon      

Gnostic New Year/

New Age of Aquarius (1962)

14 Feb/thu

Valentine’s Day

14 Feb/thu

Vasant Panchami

– Maa Saraswati Puja

25 Feb/mon

Magh Purnima

Full Moon Meditation

10 March/sun

Maha Shivratri

21 March/thu


– Spring Equinox (Sufi Night)

27 March/wed

Holi – Phagun Purnima

Full Moon Meditation

29/31 March

Good Friday – Easter Sunday (Festival of the Risen One)

11 April

Chaitra Navratri Begins

– (Mata ka Jaykara)

19 April/fri

Ram Navami

19 April/fri

CFEL Foundation Day

25 April

Chitra (Guptas) Purnima

– {Hanuman Jayanti}

Full Moon Meditation

10 May/fri

‘Devachan School of Gnostic Missionary’ Foundation Day

25 May/sat

Wesak – Buddha Purnima

Full Moon Meditation

23 June/sun

Jyestha Purnima

– The Festival of Goodwill and the Will to do Good  

(Saint Kabir jayanti)

Full Moon Meditation

22 July/mon

Guru Purnima

Full Moon Meditation

27 July/fri

Vara Mahalakshmi Puja

21 Aug/wed

Shravan Purnima – Raksha Bandhan

(Gayatri Jayanti)

Full Moon Meditation

28 Aug/wed

Krishna Janmashtami

9 Sep/mon

Ganesh Chaturthi

19 Sep/thu

Bhadrapad Purnima –

Kshamavani or "Forgiveness Day"

Full Moon Meditation

20 Sep-4 Oct

Shradh (Food Donation Days)

2 Oct/wed

Gandhi Jayanti – Ahimsa Day

5 Oct

Navratri (Durga Puja) Begins 

(Mata ka Jaykara)

13 Oct/sun

Vijaya Dashami – Dussehra

18 Oct/fri

Sharad Purnima  (Valkmiki Jayanti)

Full Moon Meditation

27 Oct/sun

(1954)The Advent of the Avatar of Aquarius,

VM Samael Aun Weor

3 Nov/sun Diwali
8 Nov/fri Skanda Sashti (Lord Kartikeya)
17 Nov/sun

Kartik Purnima –Guru Nanak Jayanti

Full Moon Meditation

13 Dec/fri Vaikuntha/Mokshda Ekadasi
17 Dec/tue

Margashirsha Purnima

(Annapurna Jayanti)

Full Moon Meditation

25 Dec/wed Christmas
































Devachan The Abode of Gods Monastery lies in one of the most beautiful and serene parts of the northern Himalayas in the heart of the Kumaon Himalayas in Nathuakhan, Ramgarh at 1900 meters/6300 feet. In the midst of verdant valleys and mountains clad in forests of oak, rhododendron, deodar and pine, Devachan The Abode of Gods Monastery is far away from the madding crowd. The bedrooms are relaxing and comfortable with all modern amenities. Devachan The Abode of Gods Monastery beckons you to be in harmony with nature.

The Monastery’s ambience is especially conducive to spiritual growth.

One can much more easily and quickly connect to God in the serenity of Devachan which literally means ‘heaven’, the abode of Gods.

Located in the fruit bowl of Kumaon, Devachan The Abode of Gods Monastery is full of fruit trees - apple trees, peaches, plums, pears and apricots. The peaceful ambience of Ramgarh has attracted people for years - Rabindranath Tagore stayed here and even contemplated setting up his university Shantiniketan in this lovely hill resort. Even Sri Aurobindo succumbed to the tranquil charms of this beautiful hill station and wrote many of his books here. There are numerous easy walk and treks for the more adventurous.

Be welcomed by the serene peace of the valley, wake up to the call of birds, enjoy the fruits of nature, listen to the gurgling stream, watch the beautiful night sky full of stars and above all Experience GOD, Know GOD, Realize GOD...



Dr. Amit Jain, world's leading spiritual psychologist, alchemist and wellness MD, the man counted among world’s top energy healers, inventors and mind-body-spirit mentors, is not available for personal guidance, healing or consultation at any price. He with his family has made DEVACHAN The Abode of Gods Monastery in the Himalayas as their abode. And now, every month a few select will experience the healing, the rejuvenation, the peace and God with Dr. Amit Jain in DEVACHAN The Abode of Gods Monastery. And if you hurry, you too can experience, learn and be coached directly by world's leading Mind-Body-Spirit mentor by being part of a spiritual retreat guided by him.



"Better than a thousand days of diligent study

is one day with a great teacher"


                                                       - Japanese proverb



Connect with Dr Amit Jain:




Glimpses of A Spiritual Retreat with Dr Amit Jain

Misty Mountains June 2011 Himalayan Retreat ~ The Conscious Warrior Bootcamp

Reminiscences of the Retreat
by Shoneeka Ghai

‘Heavenly’ is the word to describe it. And amongst the beautifully landscaped resort, we could see Amit Sir and Monika Mam waiting to receive us. Alas, we were home. We all retired to our beautiful rooms early that night. Wondering what the coming days would bring, we dozed off.


Next morning I woke without an alarm to a bright sunny morning. I thought we were late for the exercise-meet. But to my surprise, it was just 5.30 am. And sun was smiling generously.

Later we met for exercises. We indulged in some stretching and a 15 minute power-packed exercises for the fountain of youth. Those 15 minutes were more powerful than age old ‘tiger-balm’. Our joints opened up magically. After that we invoked the divine mother through other mystical practices. The energy I felt that day was immense. Felt a deep connection with the divine. So the day begun with a lovely spread of breakfast.

After that we joined Sir for a lecture. Some self evaluation.  Followed by meditation and inner work. And then later in the day, we played musical chairs and dog and the bone. The most amusing part was watching everyone, how just a small game brings out the child in us. After the Motor Brain was well activated, we all were called for a surprise. It was the evening to evoke the divine mother. We all danced to devotional songs in praise of the devi, the mother. The blessings from her could be felt as I had tears of joy in my eyes. It was holy. We wrapped the evening with blissful chants.

We were on a no-break schedule but even at 10.30 pm we felt fresh. Well, I must admit with Amit Sir, at every trip it’s like that. Sometimes our day starts at 5am and ends at 12am without a break. The secret of course is that we use all the three brains in a balanced way.

Next day also lots of surprises were waiting for us. The knowledge, the mystical practices, an amazing movie followed by French fries and a bonfire. Could we ask for more! A lot of us were meeting each other for the first time, but it never felt like that. We danced to the all time hits and played the game of ultimate confusion, “Chinese Whispers”.  The most amusing word which was passed around was, “hully bully chully”. We laughed so much that by the end of it my cheeks began to hurt.

Next day was our last one at the Retreat. Had to be special. By the evening we all turned into Dancing Dervishes. It was the grand finale, the Sufi Night. Our hearts illuminated with Sufi Qawwalis. With Turkish Caps covering our crowns, we danced in joy. We were high in line with our Inner Fathers drunk in heavenly nectars. The Sufi music echoed in the hall. If I close my eyes even now I can still hear the enchanting echo. It touched me so deeply. Thanks to the divinity for the cosmic union. I’m going to cherish this retreat for life. I could see many felt the ecstatic devotion I felt that evening.  We said our ‘good nights’ on an emotional note. It was our last night there.

I too left with words of a great Sufi poet Rumi running through my mind, “When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy."


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Here are some more fond memories of our past retreats...





















  Come rejuvenate and regenerate your mind, body, heart and soul !

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